skin & sin & flowers

‘Skin & Sin & Flowers’ represents the collection of clothing and textiles that I am currently in the process of bringing to fruition, which draws its inspiration from my own personal poetry, moments of intimacy, and things left unclear, out of focus, and to liberties of the imagination. It explores the marriage of poetry and fashion, and the vulnerability of quite literally, bearing your heart on your sleeve.
The collection includes prints of photographs by Etienne Roche, which bring you through a dreamlike ethereal journey with shallow depths and softness. The prints are used as textile motifs, to be printed on fabrics that emote the themes, like raw-edged sheer silk and linen.
Two pieces have already been brought into the physical realm: A vest featuring delicate hand embroidered poetic elements across loose hand-knitting, and a long-sleeved sweater, also loosely hand-knitted, in teal mohair. In combination, these elements imply the themes of intimacy, vulnerability, and fragility.